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Using a patented method, SwiftDetect is a rapid crop disease test with a turnaround time of just 1 business day.

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Uniquely sensitive

SwiftDetect can detect down to just a few pathogen cells in your crop, quantifying the level of disease to help give you an early warning and inform decision making.

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How it works

1. Order your tests

Add the tests you would like to your basket. Choose between sending samples in your own envelope, or receive a pre-paid one.

2. Collect and post your sample

We'll need 10 leaves, sampled by walking in a W-pattern across your field.

3. Wait 1 business day for your results*

Let us put SwiftDetect to work! Your results will be emailed to you.

What our customers say

It's a good influence on decision making. Results back within 24 hrs is a game changer and saved me £10/ha

Farmer, South West England

If you have a big farm and lots of fields, it [SwiftDetect] does help you decide where you should start first and focus your attention

Agronomist, South West England

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Sales and product enquiries

If you have any questions about SwiftDetect or would like to order, speak with our Crop Diagnostic Product Manager Chris Steele.


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